HORNSONIC Ultrasonic thailand technology
HORNSONIC is a plastic welding machine manufacturer. By Thai engineers One-stop service focuses on reliable quality service.
And every job is guaranteed Importantly, the quality can be controlled throughout the production process as follows:

1. Is the only manufacturer of CONVERTER head "MADE IN THAILAND" in Thailand.

2.Manufacture of "HORNSONIC" brand Ultrasonic Welding machines.
"MADE IN THAILAND", which is recognized by leading Japanese companies such as in the Auto Prat industry, the electronics industry
3. Produce Horn head for all models, all brands, all frequency bands. According to customer requirements, such as the Horn head with

ultrasonic frequency band 27.6kHz, 28kHz, 35kHz, 40kHz, 19kHz, 20kHz, 15kHz by reference design. And calculation of wave distribution (Energy tranfer) from Germany
4. Produce FIXTURE, clamping the standard workpiece
5. Get a 3D scan
6.Hard chrome On aluminum alloy By using Germany's chemistry as well and fully hard So you can be sure that it is firmly attached
7. EDM in front of the horn head to shape the workpiece.
8.Grinding of mold work, HORN head, Fixture

Guaranteed quality, durable, easy to use, with after-sales service.
Supervised by expert engineers and skilled workers

Customers can be assured that our company is the only one in Thailand that can produce And can do it yourself in the whole production process

Therefore able to control the quality of product warranty And after-sales service as well

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Ultrasonic welding Horn เครื่องเชื่อม พลาสติก, เครื่องเชื่อมมือสอง, งาน EDM
เจียรระไนราบราบ, หัวเชื่อมพลาสติก ซื้อ-ขาย ซ่อม ดัดแปลง รับจ้าง รับทำหัว HORN และ FIXTURE, ขายไททาเนียม
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