Ultrasonic Generator Model: nAStran OCS.

Ultrasonic Generator Model: nAStran OCS. Freuency: 20kHz, 15kHz, 28kHz, 30kHz, 35kHz, 40kHz  1,200W- 4,200W

Model nAstranOCS. is a high efficiency and stable digital ultrasonic generator made by HORNSONIC , 

it used for standard ultrasonic plastic welding machine and other special ultrasonic welding machine.

Thanks for your choosing HORNSONIC series ultrasonic system, which is developed as smart digital controlled ultrasonic generator. This system achieves 

automatic real-time Phase-locking tracking technique, proofing stable performance. The Flexible HMI Page design for various setting way meets different requirement. 

Before installation or operation, please read this article carefully to well-know all requirement in operation process, installation and parameter setting. 

Anyone untrained or unauthorized shouldn’t do any adjustment or maintenance. Any wrong action to system might cause inactive operation, 

error and irreversible damage, moreover safety accident.




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